Saiyan Strength & Aesthetics Program

$ 19.99

This is a downloadable ebook training program to help you make some Saiyan gains!

My Saiyan Strength and Aesthetic Program is a 28-day training program.  It is a 6-day Push, Pull, Legs, Repeat split.  In comparison to my other programs, this focuses more on strength building and is recommended for beginner/intermediate lifters.

In this program, we utilize training percentages to work and perfect your heavy compound lifts.  If you follow this program correctly, you’ll make incredible strength gains.  The heavy compounds will always be your foundation for making gains in the gym, and accessory work will be the frosting on the cake to create a well-balanced aesthetic physique.  The accessory work is very simple and is utilized to bring up lagging body parts.

For a 6-day strength-based program, pick this up!

(27 pages)