Saiyan Powerbuilding Program

$ 19.99
This is a downloadable ebook training program to go Super Saiyan!

My Saiyan Powerbuilding Program is a 5 day strength based program recommended for intermediate to advanced lifters due to high frequency and training volume.

Using my 15+ years of training, this program has the perfect balance of strength and hypertrophy work (power and pump).  It is an Upper Lower - Pull Push Legs program, combining percentage based training with your heavy compound lifts and tons of hypertrophy work to grow. The key to growing as a natural bodybuilder is progressive overload, helping you gain strength and maximize your training/frequency volume. This program has a great mix of both.

This program consists of 3 phases (21 days) and an optional reload week at the end. This program will guide you to track your weights, sets and reps to ensure you are progressing. You’ll be able to run the Saiyan Powerbuilding Program to make gains for a very long time.  Program hopping is not recommended.

For a 5 day strength-based program, pick this up!
(16 pages)